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11/07/2011 - BTCS - 25 Hour Fun Cup

2011 - BTCS 25 H FunCup

Charge of 90 pounds of weights as a logical consequence of his previous victories, the Volvo S60 was not leaving favorite of the three contests held in BTCS curtain 25 Hours of Fun Cup this weekend in Francorchamps. Never defeated, Eric van de Poele and Vincent Radermecker gave their all without sparing their horses. With varying success.

"From the moment we arrived at Francorchamps with 90 pounds of weights, up to 60 pounds more than some cars, we knew our task would be difficult, says Eric van de Poele. Friday, by dint get on the curbs in our attack, a wing mast broke. It does not help us. "But that did not stop the Volvo S60 to climb the third step of the podium.

Following the weekend loomed even under excellent auspices, the Volvo S60 Silhouette having awarded the pole for the first sprint on Saturday morning. Unfortunately, all hopes of Vincent Radermecker dwindled from the second round of the race 30 minutes: "I soon lost his footing. Blame it on a pinch bar to a rear wheel failed. All the fruit of a great work ahead flew at once, and with it, our illusions. It's a pity I was fighting with the best, we were perfectly in the game to play to win. "
Half an hour after still had the checkered flag, the Volvo S60 was again talking to her, Eric van de Poele signing a dramatic rise since the penultimate position on the grid to the top 5.
"I gave everything, tried everything until the last lap but it was not enough to go to the podium, he almost apologized, marked by the effort. Again, I risked everything to make up our double handicap weight and the starting position. Sure, this makes it extremely difficult for us in the Belgian championship, but believe me, it's not over. Vincent and me and the team of Volvo S60 Racing Team, we will fight until the last lap of the last race. Nothing is lost until you have crossed the finish line. "

"The advantage is that we will be lighter in the next the last two meetings, said Thomas Neri, team manager of the Volvo S60 Racing Team. The weight of the car was clearly a major handicap this weekend. Especially for this format of short strokes! Signed by the pole and lap times in race cars like 60 pounds lighter confirm that we really worked hard to make our Volvo performance anyway. The key word this weekend, it was clearly the attack. At the same time, it meant that Eric and Vincent manhandling their mounts more than usual, taking more risks. We were not rewarded for our efforts but we know that from the next meeting we will be very competitive again. "

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