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19/05/2007 - Formula 1 Rejects site updating Eric van de Poele profile ...

Header F1 Rejects over Eric van de Poele

The famous F1 Rejects website has updated Eric van de Poele profile.This site is THE encyclopedia on all F1 or ex-F1 drivers.The summary is very elogious about Eric's career ... that is not yet finished !

The full biography of Eric van de Poele on Formula One Rejects website is starting by these words ...

"Eric van de Poele from Belgium is one of those drivers on this site who, if he happened to be in the right place at the right time, might well have been World Champion. Being born in Verviers, near Spa, he was probably destined for a life behind the wheel. However, he was a comparatively late started in motorsport, only first coming to prominence in 1983, when he took part in the Volant Avia F3 school at the La Chatre circuit in France, and went home with the victory trophy."

Let's have a look to Formula One Rejects website !

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