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21/09/2008 - Eric Post-Race Report for the Miller Motorsports Park Grand-Am Finale

Lola - Miller 08

Eric van de Poele, driver, No. 75 Krohn Racing Pontiac Lola:

“I was lucky to have the car in good condition at the start. Our strategy played very well for us because fortunately we had a yellow, as we expected. So we stopped on the same lap just before the GT cars. It was perfect. The car was pretty good all the way through during all my stints. Everything was perfect so I could catch a few cars. It is always nice when you see your position go higher and higher. Then Tracy got in the car next and I think we were in a very good position, in fifth place. Unfortunately the rain came very hard. I think everybody did their best and then we had a problem with the belt. Unfortunately we didn't get any luck today. It was fantastic the team fixed the car in quite a short time and we could get back on the track. Tracy could finish the race and we finished 12th. We prefer to give them a better finish but we'll look forward to next year.

I was quite happy to see the Lola become more competitive. The pole was fantastic for the team who has worked so hard this year. It was the highlight of the weekend.”

Boris Said, driver, No. 75 Krohn Racing Pontiac Lola:

“It's not every day you get to drive with a five-tie Spa 24 Hour champion (Eric van de Poele). It was fun for me. I've known Eric forever and this was the first time we've ever driven together. Eric did just an unbelievable job for his first 2 hours and 45 minutes. I got in during the rain and was a little nervous. I've only driven this car for 7 or 8 laps the other day. In the rain it was great though. I was actually sorry to see it dry out. I think we would have had a decent finish today. I was being a little conservative when I was on slicks just because I didn't have the experience on it. But the speed started to come. It was unfortunately that a five dollar belt broke but that's motor racing. Eric was fast and Tracy did a good job keeping it on the track when the rain came down. There wasn't a car out there that could keep up with the pace car. It was pretty torrential rain there for a bit. Crazy weather here but it's a great track.”

Tracy W. Krohn, team owner/driver, No. 75 Krohn Racing Pontiac Lola:

“Eric and Boris did a great job putting the car in the Top 10. Unfortunately we had an alternator belt that broke and it took about 45 minutes to repair. For the last stint I got back in the car and it was just fine. I was doing laps and having fun. The car behaved very well. I was real pleased with the way the car performed in my last stint. Gosh, I wish we could start over again.

My stint in the rain was really odd because going into Turn 5, I could see the rain coming and I let off the accelerator and tapped the brakes and I the car just went into this sideways spin. I saw the cars in front of me. I got off in the gravel and I just locked it up and put both feet in. I managed to get the car stopped and got it started again while rolling around on slicks in the rain. It was really raining pretty hard. Finally I figured out that I could get more grip running with two tires on the gravel, so I did that for awhile. I was surprised they didn't allow us to come to the pits immediately. I don't know what the delay was and why they decided to have us stay out another lap when the cars were spinning all over the place. We all had to go slow enough to keep the car on the track.”

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