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16/07/2008 - Eric's Preview for the Porsche 250 at Barber Motorsports Park car

Eric van de Poele, driver, No. 75 Krohn Racing Pontiac Lola:

This will be your first time at Barber Motorsports Park, correct? What have you heard about it?

“I have to say I never heard about this track. The only thing I know is it is not very quick and it is quite twisty. So, it could be quite nice for us. Also I'm looking forward to have more race track experience. For the moment I think I am close to 100 different race tracks I have driven on. Every time I go to a new track I am glad for the opportunity.”

What do you think will be the most challenging thing at Barber?

“After the experiences of the last races, I think I will and we will focus very much on the penalty system. We get penalties. I'm really, really over penalties. I don't want any more. Last race we had one that we did not deserve in my opinion. It's very frustrating and very hard. It's really not proper punishment compared to the mistake we made. I really wish to have completely no penalties. If we do that we can have a very nice race.

The car is now more and more competitive. If we are penalty free, we are going to have a good result, I'm sure.”

Now that the Krohn team has achieved another podium with the new Lola, do you think that it is finally starting to show the progress the team is really making?

“Definitely because every race we are closer and closer in performance. Even if the results generally were not really reflective of the car. Finally we can see that we are competitive. The other car showed that and we learn a lot because we race the cars on many different race tracks. I'm sure now that the real season starts for us. I think at a minimum, the other car will be on the podium in half of the races left. They're going to win soon too, I'm sure. There's nothing better than a podium to boost a team because the guys work so hard. The podium is really good for everybody. It has an effect on the moral of the guys and it's really good also for our car. It's a success not just for the team of the car that reached the podium but also for all the team in general, and all the spirit. It brings what we need. Now we can think about victories.”

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