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01/07/2008 - Krohn Racing Preview for the Brumos Porsche 250 at Daytona

Daytona - Start finish line

Eric van de Poele, driver, No. 75 Krohn Racing Pontiac Lola:Daytona is traditionally a good track for the Krohn Racing team. At the 24 Hours, the team opted to run last year's Riley's, so the Brumos Porsche 250 will be the debut of the Proto-Auto Lola at Daytona. Please share your thoughts on that?“The thing is we had the experience of the Daytona test, so it is going to give us some direction how to work. It's the first time this year at Daytona with this car for a race though. Every time we go on a track we have to work a new system to learn everything. After that we still don't know if we are going to be very competitive. As we have seen, every race we are more and more competitive. So, I'm quite confident. There's not a lot of testing, which doesn't help us. I think it will be a very good race and I'm sure we will do well.”This event will be a Grand-Am one-day race format. What do you think of that concept of practice, qualifying and racing all in the same day?“I will tell you after the race if it is a good idea. I think in one way it could be terrible for some teams. If you have a big problem you don't have much time to set back up everything. Even if there is an engine failure, a mechanical problem or something, it will transform the day into a nightmare. I don't think the concept is a bad idea though because you really have different kind of races – you have long distance, you have sprint, and you have everything all in one day. It makes a championship that is quite diverse and very interesting. Personally, I think it's a good idea. I would not want all races to be like this, but it's great!”

What do you like best about the Daytona track?“Of course, it's quite funny to be on the banking. It's like a straight for us with absolutely no work to do. Even in the rain it is flat out. All the atmosphere of the Daytona race track is quite nice. Of course you are in a very nice place too, with the beach and everything. It is quite nice to go to Daytona Beach. Every time I look forward to it. The race track itself is always very slippery, but you need top speed. You really need a car that is mechanically very good and with no drag. Also in the straight you can pass cars. I like to go to Daytona. It's always nice. I'm always very happy to go to Daytona.”

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