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25/01/2009 - Krohn Racing - Rolex 24 At Daytona Sunday Final Race Report

2009 - Daytona Lola-Ford

JEFF HAZELL, CEO Proto-Auto Lola:

“Everyone on the team is very disappointed. Every person on this program has put in tremendous amount of work focusing on this race for many months. The cars are fast and reliable. The drivers were performing to the plan, but this is motorsport and it is pure engineering at the sharp end. The engine and the car have literally thousands of components and, in this case, one small component has failed and it is in a location in the engine that cannot be rectified. So we have to take the pain of this and work through it and come back and win some races.

Until the engines failed, the cars had run faultlessly. They had required nothing other than tires and brake pads and fuel, and that was it. They ran faultlessly. Tracy's car ran 12 to 13 hours, something like that. The other car ran over six hours. That's what we expected from all the testing. It's disappointing actually.”

ERIC VAN DE POELE, Driver, No. 75 Krohn Racing Ford Lola:

"The car was perfect when I restarted for my stint. We changed the aero a little bit for the car. I was right behind the Ganassi car and I was going to pass it on the straight. It would have been the first time in two years. It would have been perfect. When I moved away to make the pass, the engine just shut off. I had just enough time to dive into the pits and to coast to the garage. That's it. It is very disappointing.”

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