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05/10/2008 - RISI COMPETIZIONE WINS PETIT LE MANS 1st and 4th place finishes in record-breaking race

Ferrari 430 GT2 - 2008

Car #61 had a great run through to 4th place, despite being forced to change a punctured tire in the pits while they were closed during the long 10th Full Course Caution period. A time/stop/go penalty was incurred but the Krohn Racing drivers' pace and performance ensured that they were still ahead of the 5th placed Ferrari of JMB Racing.

Tracy Krohn, driver/Krohn Racing team owner, No. 61 Risi-Krohn Ferrari 430 GT: “The cool part about it is that when you come to a race like this it's all about staying out of trouble and being very consistent. But it's also about having really quality team mates and that's a big part of it. My hat's off to the Risi guys. The preparation on the car is always superb; the car is always very drivable. (Race Engineer) Mark Schomann just did a great job. It was a great team effort. Eric did an awesome job in a very tight situation with an instantaneous reaction that probably saved our skins for the race because of the wreck that happened in front of him between one of the GT Porsches and one of the P1 cars. If Eric had not make the right decision the game would have been over for us tonight. But he did and that's just experience. There's no way you can coach or teach that, you just have to know how to do it and how to react. Nic also did an awesome job driving today. Both those guys were great. I've said it a thousand times. This business is just like any other business. When you surround yourself with talented people who work hard, you get good results. Same thing continues to happen.”

Eric van de Poele, driver, No. 61 Risi-Krohn Ferrari 430 GT: “It was pretty good until the end. We had absolutely no problem at the beginning of the race. I think Nic had a very good pace. We were in a very good position. Unfortunately we lost a lap by no chance with the pace car but it happens. Then Tracy went in the car. We made a couple of extra pit stops over the next few laps with the cautions. Then when I got back in I think we were in 7th and I was a little demotivated but we came back and got better and better in our position. Of course we hoped to be on the podium but I think fourth place is fantastic for the team. We've had a good result two times this year with this car. Once more Giuseppe Risi won this race and I'm very happy for him. Ten years ago he won and this year he deserved it. Of course it could have been better to be on the podium with them but I'm very happy for him and for us.”

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