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22/03/2009 - Risi-Krohn Ferrari Team at 12 Hours of Sebring: Post-Race Report March 21, 2009

2009 - Sebring 09 Ferrari 430 GT2

ERIC VAN DE POELE, Driver, No. 61 Risi-Krohn Ferrari 430 GT: “We tried hard. Except for a few seconds lost for small reasons, there was no big problem. The car was very reliable. We tried our best. Nic did an incredible job and did a lot of stints. Tracy had very good laps as well. What we know is the GT2 is really the hardest competition in the ALMS Series. Unfortunately today we couldn't do much better than we did. I'm always very happy to race with Giuseppe Risi. It's really a fantastic team, always very reliable.”

TRACY KROHN, Risi-Krohn Ferrari 430 GT Driver and Krohn Racing Owner: “This was a particularly clean race at Sebring. We only had three yellows. There was very little damage for anyone – which is good. It was a quick race. Our car, the No. 61 Ferrari, the car was mechanically perfect the entire race. Every system worked, every switch, everything electrical on the car worked, and everything mechanical on the car worked. Risi did a great job preparing this car. I thought everybody did a great job driving today. We had a few unfortunately things, which is just how racing is. We ended up sixth in class, which is quite an accomplishment with this kind of field. It was a very competitive field, so we're real happy. It's always nice to finish this race. This is a particularly difficult race in that physically it is always demanding.”

NIC JONSSON, Driver, No. 61 Risi-Krohn Ferrari 430 GT: “First of all I have to thank Risi Competizione and the Krohn Racing team. Everybody did a fantastic job again preparing our Ferrari 430 GT for us. The car ran flawless all day. It's just that we had a few mishaps in the middle of the race when we went a couple of laps down because we didn't stay out to get a wave by under yellow. That got us two laps down and that's where we ran the rest of the day basically. Otherwise the last two to three hours we really had the pace of the leaders. I'm very pleased although not 100% pleased with our result. I'm very pleased with the pace we ran. I'm very pleased with the preparation of the car. I think this looks very positive for Le Mans. We can go to Le Mans and if we have as good of preparation and pace there, we have a very good chance of being out front as well.

It's always great to drive with Eric and Tracy. Eric is a very experienced guy who has won Sebring a few times and been driving a long time. It's always good to have a solid co-driver like Eric. And Tracy is just getting better and better. He didn't put a wheel wrong all day and ran at a really good pace. Compared to other guys that started racing six or seven years ago, I think he does a fantastic job, especially because he doesn't do this for a living but as a hobby.”

GIUSEPPE RISI, Team Principal, Risi Competizione: “It always takes a while for this kind of thing to sink in, especially when you mentally prepare yourself for the worst. We dominated the race, had absolutely no technical problems at all with either of the cars so it was a perfect result, and the team did a fantastic job right from the get-go. All six drivers did a superb job and it's a perfect start to the season. I'm also proud to say that three Ferraris started and three finished, all in the top six which is a testament to the product and how these cars are prepared. I'm very happy.”

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