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22/02/2010 - What a blast!

Porsche 911 SC Gr4

Congratulations to Pierre Delettre, Willy Lux and all the marshalls for the fantastic organization.

Well done to Bruno Thiry and also to all the great names there who show us their incredible ability to stay on the road dramatically.

It was great and Jean-François did a brilliant job despite a trip master failure from the beginning.

We can be happy with the result of performances; in fact our 26th position doesn't reflect the reality. A very rude 420 points of penalty for over-speeding in a village (65 for 50) drop us from 10th to 26th positions. My fault only!

We have enjoyed every kilometers of the rally, and specially our 3th and 4th scratch overall position on La Redoute and the famous Clementine stages.

I did a few mistakes as half spins and three U turns for optimistic late brakes that cost us maybe 1 minute in total. So, I know exactly now where I have to perform better next time, and I think that I am ready right now for a new rally experience… See you at … Sebring!

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