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Shop and auctions

The shop of Eric

You will find two categories of objects in my shop :

  • Promotional TEAM's objects (caps, minis cars, tee-shirts, jackets etc).
  • Various objects which will point out to you a test or a championship which I participated to during my career. Some of these objects are not all new because sometimes, I have had to carry them personally ones or twice. They are only exclusively personal objects.

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Payment method :

Auctions to help the association

That holds obviously me more in my heart : the "Auctions" one. Regularly, I will offer there personal objects of races (helmets, overall, gloves, shoes or other accessories) via Ebay : whose selling amounts will be completely given to various non profit associations.

Bid starting on 1st May 2010 : driving suit IMSA 1997 championship : sold for profit of an association helping Haïtian people : Tit Gout DLO

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